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{dj-N} Take a Look 2 {dj-N} Take a Look 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice stuff as always Nate.....and to EGSSNIPER

@idiot Hixxy is a world-reknown DJ not just some Newgrounds user. Splash and Hixxy both have some very good music so I applaud you to check those out on youtube as well since I dont think itunes carries it (as with most trance =[ )

Some other artists you could check out are:

Scott Brown
DJ Dean
Cosmic Gate
Jeckyll And Hyde
Dream Dance ALliance
4 String

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(WF1) Unsettled Memories (WF1) Unsettled Memories

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I didnt really it, sorry

As much as I try to like just feels very stale. I don't know if that's because you used FL presets but the drums just stick out way too much and dont actually make a rythm for me.

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wyldfyre1 responds:

thats ok =) Some people like it some don't heh this honostly isn't one of MY favorite songs that i came out with either. thanks for the review and the honosty =).

Departure (Club Mix) Departure (Club Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude that buildup from 2:14 to 2:25 was just awesome.
Kinda bummed that you didn't do the same thing later when it looped.

Amazing song, this is definetly going on my ipod.

Please do more songs like this.

A-New-Decade responds:


Ser Attone Ser Attone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's ok

Alright man the into was good. The drums have a nice sound (don't change their loudness) but THE GUITARS MUST BE LOUDER.

Then endig idk if you were drunk but that just plain sucked. Come on you could have at least included some power riffs in there or anything at all. Seriously it sounded like a dying cat/whale.

Sorry if it sounds like im negative I just give mostly pesimistic constructive criticism. Nice intro though with blending the two guitars together and nice mix tempo of the two.

The-Eastern-Front responds:

lol, thats a pefect way to describe it, lol that thing at the end isnt part of the song, its some weird sound taht came out after i converted the song to mp3, i have nno clue what it is, but yes, it does sound like a dying whale :)

Eloveena - Teutori Eloveena - Teutori

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Godd stuff man

Dude that was some sweet stuff man! My dad goes to Helsinki all the time for buisiness meeting with Nokia (They're always trying to have him drag his ass over there). Anyways I'll be sure to ask him to pick me a up a copy of your CD. Whats your bands name (your nnewgrounds screenname)?

Great intro, good transitions, great vocals that actualy sound good even if I have no clue what they mean. Good stuff man, and I as well am looking forward to you releasing the tabs for this song.

eternal Life eternal Life

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuck the tech

Kick ass song dude. This is one of those songs you can tell its good just by listening to it without the need of all the fancy schmancy shit enhancing shit.

Keep rocking dude and nice style. A bit glitchy at parts (technical or not) but this song truly shines.

Try to get some drums in even if its just a basic beat it will hold it together a bit more.

10 for giving me a free tune that kicks twice as much @$$ as the ones I pay $1 for:)

mhb responds:

thanx man. no problem on the free tune. i think music should be free anyways. but i'm insane and hate money. go figure! thanx for the ten. and i'll see about addin' drums to a revision in the future.

Never Alone By: Richard Seypka Never Alone By: Richard Seypka

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Nice Intro that was very well mixed and the timing was perfect. Either your really good or you recorded this hundreds of times to get the timing right. It got a little bit repetitive but that is some awesome $H!T right there.

Dont remember to make more.

Evil-Dog - TheQuestOfYour Life Evil-Dog - TheQuestOfYour Life

Rated 5 / 5 stars



How the hell did this song get a 3.98 this is some good stuff and deserves to be on the first page.

Rock on man.

Evil-Dog responds:

Hey man, thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you liked it

Pulse Drive Pulse Drive

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Sorry but to repetitive

Sorry but its just to repetitive but good job on the drum loop.

Darker and Darker Darker and Darker

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You need to spend more time editing.

I hate to be the only negative person here but you seriously need to spend more time editing and re-recording. A lot of the guitar playing is way off with the drums and apparently your muff double (or whatever u want to call it) you cant play fast enough to match the drums. Add a few more parts to it to make it non-repetitive. Other than that this song is great. Keep up the good work.

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Chrizzly responds:

You could have shortened that with: "Evrything sucks, other than that its great!"...hehe...just jokin...Well i guess youre right at some points...muff you anyway for reviewing...constructive critism is at least better than "YOU FUCKING SUCK,MAN GO HANG YOURSELF!!!"